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Overview Of PGX
PGX in a nutshell is a dietary fiber supplement. In the past five years fiber has really taken the spotlight for one of the top weight loss aides. “PolyGlycopleX (PGX) is a unique blend of highly-purified, water-soluble polysaccharides (plantfibres) developed using advanced EnviroSimplex technology. This technology combines these natural compounds in a very specific ratio making PGX an effective weight loss aid and dietary supplement. PGX is available in Ultra Matrix soft gelatin capsules as PGX Daily, as well as in granules, meal replacement drink mixes and regular capsules.” (PGX.COM)

PGX’s take on weight loss is in no way a replacement for diet and exercise in fact PGX is specifically formulated to work with a diet. So if your hoping to find the secret to eating whatever you feel obliged to, look elsewhere. PGX has provided its customers with sources such as the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine and shows charts and graphs of the difficulty of being on a sugar rollercoaster. If insulin levels is a new term to you, you can best understand it by know that insulin controls the sugar levels and are low sugar levels are what control are food cravings.PGX helps re-train your body and eliminate the blood sugar roller coaster so you don’t crave “bad foods” and so you can better control your appetite.

Ingredient List For PGX
Kojac-mannan (Amorphophallus konjac) – very effective source of fiber
PGX contains 2 grams of both Insoluble and soluble fiber, these are both effective fibers but most foods only contain one or the other.

Some may ask what the difference from your other diatary source and that is a simple question that PGX loves to answer:
PGX is much more than a fibre source due to its viscosity. PGX maintains its viscosity throughout the entire digestive tract for optimum effectiveness. PGX disperses and becomes viscous almost instantly in the stomach, while most other fibres take longer to become viscous, or do not become viscous at all. No single fibre or other fibre blend can match the viscosity or effectiveness of PGX.

Depends on the Retailer

Overall Impression Of PGX
By balancing blood sugar levels, the brain is no longer demanding fast energy and you will be less likely to crave food that is high in sugar. Ways to do this naturally is by eating every 2-4 hours and incorporating lowering simple carbohydrate food. Although PGX offers a great alternative, this blood sugar rise and fall thing is completely controllable without supplements (diabetics do it all the time). And in fact PGX can not control the cravings it can only control your fiber intake. The hype about PGX is just that a hype, I’m not suggesting it does not provide a great source of fiber, but what I will say is they indeed put a lot of effort in making it look like PGX has no other matched product out there.

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  1. Katie
    January 1st, 2010 at 12:38 | #1

    I did the full program and only lost a little weight. It was really tough to disipline myself to the schedule but got used to it. I did feel more healthy if that means anything. I think this product did help me get my life organized. I am going to order Decaslim and try it to see if that will help me lose the weight. Hope this will work better – good luck everyone.

  1. November 24th, 2012 at 18:03 | #1
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